Atlas Special FX is a premier provider of theatrical special effects equipment and fluids, which has led them to become one of the fastest growing companies in the industry.  With recent expansion and strategic partnerships, Atlas Special FX now has local distribution, rental and retail presences in Nashville, Denver, Dallas, Biloxi, Tampa, Orlando, Houston and St. Louis; and products and services in over 90 countries with super low international shipping rates.  The product lines include CO2 cryo jet devices, cryo guns, foam machines, CO2 continuous flow confetti cannons, snow, Uv neon paint cannons, fog, haze and extreme bubble machines, and other products are available though strong industry relationships with many other reputable companies worldwide. A full line of theatrical effects fluids are also provided here including quick evaporating snow fluid, fog fluid, haze fluid, bubble fluid, foam fluid, and now Cloudvertise® fluid. Each of these special effects machines are made in the USA from the highest quality components in the industry and all fluids are 100% made in the USA from lab formulated chemicals.

Atlas Special FX is working toward enhancing the expansion and development of sales channels worldwide.  With a presence now in 90 countries and growing, it is our goal to continue to build strong distribution partnerships that will allow the ongoing exposure of theatrical effects equipment and fluids to markets in North and South America and beyond. These partnerships will assist Atlas Special FX in continuing to strengthen its leadership in each of our existing industries and push forward in new emerging markets.

There are a few requirements to become a new distributor:

1.  Initial Order Within 30 Days Of Approval

2. Maintain at least $25,000 in Total Yearly Volume (Stock +Drop Ship)

3. Physical Store Front or Web Store

If you meet these requirements and would like to become a distributor for one of the fastest growing theatrical effects companies in the United States, please email a copy of your business information sheet or credit reference sheet.

After the agreement is completed an your initial order placed, you will receive an online drop ship account which will allow you to place orders directly on and the order will be shipped directly to your customers from our facility. Your customers will only receive the products they ordered and a packing slip. You just pay distributor prices for your low cost shipping at the time of checkout.Once approved, you will receive the distributorship documents which include the agreement, price list, order form and media kit. We will personally help you decide the right product mix for your initial stock order so you will be successful and have products based around your customer needs.

We are excited about the future of Atlas Special FX and hope you decide to join our rapidly growing family.