Rent CO2 Confetti Cannons Continuous Flow – Baby Gerb

Compact CO2 Confetti Cannon For Rent:

  • Patented US9375652B2
    Method of Manufacturing Confetti Cannons
  • Heavy Duty Powder Coated Design
  • Single Piece Design
  • Multiple Launch Angles
  • Truss Mountable, Wall Mountable, Even Ceiling Mountable
  • Can use compressed air or CO2 (Compressed Air Tank Required)
  • Multiple Uses: Can be used as a large CO2 Cryogenic Fog Cannon or Confetti Cannon
  • Can be used as a streamer cannon as well


  • Power Supply: 100-120VAC or 240V (Upon Request)
  • Work Powder: 1.3A
  • Size: 12″ x 17″ x 24″
  • Interface: TruCon1 in/out
  • Control Mode: 110V or DMX (With Relay)

Rent This Co2 Continuous Flow confetti blaster is designed for small or moderate size venues, but can still blast mylar, and tissue, confetti between 20 and 150 feet. Some call this cannon the Baby Gerb continuous confetti cannon but it is so much more than that.  This Baby Gerb offers multi level launch positions, and can be mounted on trussing, walls, ceilings, and of course floors.

The hopper design allows for up to 3 lbs of mylar pre launch, or 1.5lbs of tissue pre launch, but can handle over 1lb per second for continuous feed.  No other cannon on the market can compete when comparing apples to apples. (Beware of copy cats)

This compact CO2 confetti blaster easily moves around and can even sit on a table or a stage floor. The C02 confetti blaster provides a spectacular “special effect” in a small package.

Please watch the video to see this compact Baby Gerb in Action!

For large shots you can push and hold the button down blasting all the confetti out of the cannon.  For small shots you can Push and Release the control button multiple times releasing the confetti each time for short bursts.  Plus it can be either straight 110v operated or you can use DMX (with relay).

This Baby Gerb is patented by ATL Special FX and made in the USA.

Patent Number US9375652B2

It operates using gas CO2 or liquid siphon Co2 (If you want fog) and 110v powder.

Tank Options Are:

5 lb tank (which lasts approx 10 seconds)

20 lb tank (which lasts approx 40 sections)

50 lb tank (which lasts up to 2 minutes)