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Series 6-15 Features:

  • 6,000 – 15,000mw output power
  • Full color RGB, with analog modulation
  • High speed scanning system for beam effects, graphics, logos and text
  • Control via ILDA, or DMX / ArtNET (using Pangolin software)
  • Rugged IP54 rated housing
  • Small, compact, lightweight and easy to install
  • Includes all cabling and safety accessories
  • CDRH and FDA certified

Rent our laser light projectors and create stunning visual effects at your next wedding, concert, festival, or corporate production.  Our knowledgeable, and experienced, laser technicians travel the world creating shows for some of the most famous performers in the world.  Our goal is to simplify the laser light show package rental for you.  Whether you need simple patters, or complex programming, our team is here for you.  We offer a range of lasers projectors from 2W-15W and our nationwide network can help in a flash.

Over the years, thousands of Kvant Clubmax lasers have been rented to customers all around the world. The Kvant Clubmax line of laser systems has built quite a reputation for its incredible performance and reliability, all at an affordable price point. Kvant Clubmax lasers are offered in powers ranging from 2W to 15W.

Our 3rd generation Kvant Clubmax lasers provide a radically simple solution for a wide range of events, from small cozy venues and private clubs to large festivals and events with several thousand people.

The Kvant Clubmax 15 FB4 is the most powerful RGB laser display system in the Clubmax series! It is designed to be efficient for large size indoor venues and even medium outdoor stages. The Clubmax 15 FB4 comes with Pangolin’s FB4 laser control hardware integrated into the laser system, allowing you to control the laser from a PC, lighting console, or in auto mode.

Highlights of the Kvant Clubmax 15 FB4 laser light show projector:

  • Battlefield tested chassis, and internal design is robust and sturdy, making the Clubmax an ideal laser system also for permanent installations, touring, and laser rentals.
  • Optimized to allow for long maintenance intervals and to ensure a long-life span of the laser system.
  • Ultra-low-divergence RGB laser source designed to provide maximum brightness at further projection distances. The premium quality laser source uses the latest semiconductor diode laser technology in conjunction with the most advanced beam shaping techniques.
  • 30% more powerful red lasers than the Clubmax 6000 FB4, resulting in a stronger pure white, and some other mixed colors.
  • Pangolin’s FB4 laser show control hardware allows you to control your laser from a PC. lighting console via Ethernet, DMX, ArtNet and ILDA, or in auto mode for standalone playback.
  • Color Balance Display Mode matches the colors outputted by your laser to those you see on your computer screen, without the need for color palette calibration in your software. The color settings are stored in the internal system memory of Clubmax FB4.
  • A comprehensive range of adjustment controls on the rear panel.
  • Direct compatibility with Pangolin DiscoScan 2.0 bracket, Safety Scan lens bracket, 4-Way masking plate and FB4-QS Quick Connect.
  • Optional Single or Dual Optical Bench and Pangolin PASS upgrades.
  • TÜV certification.

Every laser system is delivered with an Experienced Laser Technician. 

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