Dual-Nozzle CO2 Cryo Jet

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CO2 Cryo Jet Dual Nozzle – One CO2 Jet Does The Work Of Two.

This dual cannon CO2 jet is considered the super cooler. Two streams of cryo co2 fog provide twice the cooling effect along with the visuals. Learn more about the easy installation. This exciting Dual Barrel CO2 Cryo Jet now packs twice the punch. This double nozzle CO2 cryo jet, manufactured by Atlanta Special FX in the USA, allows the user to blast CO2 fog in multiple directions from one device. Save your valuable truss and stage space while eliminating hose clutter. The nozzles can even be adjusted to shoot 180 degrees from each other. Ideal for variable pressure installs with either high pressure CO2 siphon tanks or the Dewar tank and easy installation. This unit is made with the highest grade components and has a sleek black powder coated casing for years of dependability. Require special cryogenic hose (sold here separately).


Model: Mounted CO2 Dual Nozzle Cryo Jet

COA: Manufactured In The USA

Voltage: 110 VAC 50/60HZ(220 VAC Available)

Operation: Power On/Off

DMX: Linkable Yes, via DMX Dimmer/Switch

Height: 12 Inches

Length: 7 Inches

Width: 5 inches

Weight: 9 lbs.

Output: High Output With High Or Low Pressure Dewar Tanks

Reach: Approximately 25′-35′ feet

Pressure: Rated For Up to 1100 psi