Fake Snow Machines

By September 1, 2019 Atlas Special FX

Artificial snow provides the appearance of a beautiful winter setting. The best results are produced with high-quality Special Effects Equipment. Atlanta Special FX is a prominent manufacturer of equipment and supplies that are needed to create fake snow for live productions.


T-1500 Blizzard Snow Machine Produces Evaporating Fake Snow 

Evaporating fake snow, as seen on TV and in the movies resembles stormy outdoor conditions. Creating a similar effect is achievable with the T-1500 Blizzard Snow Machine. 

Users can produce fake snow indoors, as well as in outdoor settings. With a built-in fan that sends artificial snow swirling dozens of feet into the air, the T-1500 Blizzard Snow Machine is

a power special effects unit that we offer for sale or rent.

Fake Snow Machine Rentals

Atlanta Special FX has fake snow machine rental equipment for a variety of applications. Our snowmachines are used to create realistic scenes for filming TV shows, movies or videos via snow flocking methods that blanket the area.

Renting a snowmachine for specific occasions is an affordable option for production companies. Additionally, our rental process eliminates the need to store snow-making equipment or to perform maintenance on artificial snow machines.


Using Fake Snow Machines for a Silent Snowstorm

Optimal conditions may be necessary for certain movie scenes. Instead of hearing background noises from a high-output snow machine, users can buy or rent our silent snowstorm machine. 

Users can create the perfect backdrop with our silent snowstorm that is DMX controllable. 

Fake Snow Machines for Corporate Events

Holiday functions for a winter theme may be created with our fake snow machines. Guests who are invited to a corporate event will envy the illusion of indoor snow or outdoor snow that our machines produce. 

Operating Fake Snow Machines

Fake snow machines are easy to operate. We offer high-quality snow machines, snow fluid and other supplies for a variety of cinematic special effects.


Professional support is available for live events and for televised productions.

Our special effects team travels around the United States to consult with motion picture directors, festival organizers and videographers to set up and to operate fake snow machines for crisp filming conditions.