Atlanta Special FX Chills Down The Lone Star State For Toby Keith

Time to bring some chill to the Lone Star state.  As the summer heat bears down on Dallas Texas and temperatures reach 100+ on your average day, an East coast atmospheric special effects company comes to the rescue.  You may have heard of the venue Toby Keith’s Bar and Grill in Dallas Texas and if you know it, then you understand how spectacular this concert venue is.  Well spectacular means large crowds and when you have large crowds you are bound to have a hot room.  And that is where Atlanta Special FX comes in.  Atlanta Special FX is a top manufacturer of CO2 cryo jets, CO2 cryo guns, CO2 confetti cannons, CO2 neon paint cannons and much more.  With service to over 55 countries, Atlanta Special Effects has mastered the art of CO2 cryo fog for all types of concert and events.  This unique visual fog effect also produces subarctic temperatures that are ideal for providing a super chilled blast of air to unsuspecting guests.  This super cold co2 fog is ideal for cooling down a room in seconds and when used properly can provide special effects to three different senses.  First hear this amazing effect so you get the audible effect, then you see the fog and how it reacts with the lighting to provide a visual effect, and finally you feel the cold sensation as the chilled air rushes past your body.  XeS Entertainment and Atlanta Special FX are teaming up to bring some amazing entertainment to Toby Keiths this Friday starting at 8pm.  Should you decide to join them you will also see beautiful women walking around using the mobile handheld CO2 cryo guns.  low lying fog effects, and CO2 confetti cannons blasting.  You are sure to get an eye opening experience and like Atlanta Special FX motto states “Hear It With Your Eyes”