Atlas Special FX Accessories

By September 1, 2019 Atlas Special FX


Atlanta Special FX provides high-end equipment for professional productions.

Bridging the gap to operate a wide variety of components is essential for entertainers, performers, DJs, event planners and for production companies.

For more than a decade, we have equipped the entertainment industry with custom accessories and unique supplies that are used to amplify live performances. 

Our equipment also enhances televised productions, motion pictures and video recordings. 

About Our Accessories

As a full-service special effects company, we maintain a complete line of accessories to facilitate the operation of CO2 jets, fog machines, pyrotechnic items, confetti cannons, stage lights and other types of production equipment.

Our accessories are used to electronically disburse smoke, to control lighting, to amplify sound and to perform a variety of special effects via a remote control.

Some of our most popular accessories are featured below:

  • DMX 512
  • CO2 hoses
  • Truecon adapters
  • Powercon adapters
  • Lighting consoles
  • Pushbutton control boxes
  • Relays
  • DMX relay
  • DMX dimer
  • Power distro
  • Tripods
  • Fog fluid
  • Ground pellets
  • Confetti
  • Streamers
  • Fake snow fluid
  • Sparkular granules 

Safe Accessories for Live Performances

Whether a performance is conducted indoors or outdoors, safety is extremely important.

High quality connectors, such as our truecon adapters and powercon adapters helps to protect users who need to safely attach power cords to amplifiers, speakers, lights, special effects equipment, revolving objects and to other stage props. 

Durable connectors are water resistant and will lock into place to prevent a loss of power.

Buy Accessories for Special Effects Equipment

Special effects equipment can enhance a live production. 

However, cheap audio accessories are not recommended for getting the optimal quality from special effects items.

We sell affordable accessories for AC power connections that professionals can depend on.

Our DMX 512, DMX relays, power distro, consoles and pushbutton power boxes will meet superior reliability standards for many years.

Additionally, our branded CO2 hoses that we manufacture in the US have brass fittings for extended durability.

Atlanta Special FX sells and rents best-in-class production equipment. 

We also offer nationwide support and consulting services.

Inquiries are welcomed for custom wiring solutions, special effects rental equipment, CO2 tanks, hoses, connectors and other supplies for delivering high-quality performances.