Atlas Special FX Creates Breathtaking Fake Snow For US Olympic Ski Team Fundraiser

Who says it never snows in September?  The US Olympic Ski Team fundraiser was held on Saturday just outside of St Louis Missouri where Atlas Special FX and St Louis Special FX, atmospheric special effects companies known for creating TV/Movie fake snow scenes, astounded arriving donors.  Using a combination of fake snow ground cover and snowflake machines, the St Louis and Atlas FX team turned a sunny 88 degree day in to what appeared to be a 32 degree winter wonderland.  Other festivities during the fund raiser included autograph sessions by Mikaela Shiffrin, and an appearance by the Flying Ace All Stars.  To kick off the Flying Ace All-stars the STL FX team lined the trampoline with Co2 cryo fog jets.  The co2 fog jets provided stunning visual effects as 20 foot towers of fog blasted in to the air to kick off the show.

St Louis Special FX, a new satellite office of Atlas Special FX, now provides event special effects to the state of Missouri and surrounding areas while home office Atlas Special FX provides products and services to over 90 countries.  They manufacture and distribute products for making snow, rain, fog, smoke, co2 cryo fog, low lying fog, confetti and even a custom cloud making machine.  If you are in to the party scene they also offer patent pending UV neon paint cannons, foam party machines, extreme bubble blasters, and more.  Owner Mike Kenslow stated “Locally we have already quoted jobs for Anheiser Busch, Microsoft, and we are creating relationships everyday.  The challenge in any new business is always awareness, but news of events like this travels fast.”  To learn more about renting or purchasing your own event special effects visit their website at or Check out this video of the falling snow.